Different Types of Pool

When it comes to choosing a particular type of pool to construct in your property, the place you are located can suggestively influence your choice in shape and size. If you’re done checking out the right size for your pool, here are the following pool types that you can refer to: 


This is a combination of a spa and a pool. Compared to other types, this one is smaller and is ideal if you want to relax after a tiresome and hot day at work.  


A plunge pool might appear like something that you would see in a spa and it is small in size. Be careful because this pool is packed with cold water. So, don’t expect to experience warmer water in here.   


If you are a great fan of the Olympic Games, you may have to mimic the athletes contributing to their corresponding sports. In terms of swimming, you can construct your pool similar to the size of one used in Olympic competitions.  


This pool is made to mirror the appearance and ambiance of naturally-made pools. A natural pool is a self-cleaning swimming place that lets friendly bacteria to develop on the walls of the pool.  


If you want to take laps, this pool is for you. This is commonly rectangular, narrow, and long that lets you swim back and forth.  


The most affordable pools in the market are the inflatable kiddie pools. You can inflate this pool anytime you want and allow the kids to enjoy splashing all over this shallow pool.  

After every use, make sure to drain the pool and do not allow the water to stay in for too long. Though this pool is shallow, do not let your children out of your site as they use this pool.  


Compared to other pool types, infinity pools are more expensive since they are always particularly constructed to highlight a particular view. It is important to hire pool experts to have this pool type constructed. Basically, the design of the infinity pool is to provide the illusion that the water fades over the edge. 


An indoor pool is located inside a house. This costs less to heat since the room is insulated already. Commonly, an indoor pool is specifically intended to fit indoors and has simple shapes.  


A family pool is made for the entire family members to enjoy. With this pool, you can always incorporate features to entertain all people regardless of age. 


This pool commonly mimics your home’s structure and it’s usually constructed with the whole house, particularly in custom-made houses. It is intended to have structure and it aims to be unified with the overall design of your home.  

Above ground 

The above-ground pool is ideal since it is easier to install on different land and surface types since it is portable. Moreover, this pool type is cost-effective even if you incorporate a deck to it anytime you want. 

Regardless of the pool type, you build, pool cleaning service Jacksonville is still important for you to maintain it and use it whenever you want clean and safe. Contact the experts for more.